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It is absolutely beautiful, delicious and so tasty as well. My 3yrs old son liked it so much.


My personal favourite are grandmas muffins and snicker cupcakes. Grandmas spcl Muffins are so moist and with every bite u get that homely tast. And snickers cupcakes are just amazing.. the cream and the cupcake is so moist and just melting I could eat an whole box of 6 cupcakes. can’t wait to try more of your recipes ❤️

Thanya D

I ordered two boxes of Grandma's Special, the taste was so good that I ended up finishing both the boxes in a day! Something I loved the most was the perfect balance of flavors between the walnut and carrot. The sweetness is something that stood out to me, it was just on the spot, not too much nor too less, just the right amount that perfectly complemented the ingredients. Definitely a taste I will always remember!

Allan Rohith

I've tried the cupcakes as well as the brownies and I honestly wouldn't change a thing about either of the two. Everything from the food in itself to the packaging is just everything one could ask for. I would a hundred percent recommend to anyone who wants to treat themselves to some wholesome and aesthetically pleasing goodies. :')
Love everything about this. Joyce you is a fabulous fabulous human! Ilyy.♥️♥️

Dharmika Pillai

The cake was so yummy!! Thank you so much...
Quality of the cake was out of this world. Very reasonably priced as well.

Suhas K S

I ordered the cupcakes for a surprise and everyone simply loved it. Be it the buttercream frosting or the softness of cake it was sooo good. Loved it! And the way of presenting tops it all. Would definitely order them again, when I visit Bangalore.


They were soo gooood!! Imma get more soon forsuree. Love the lil packaging 😅❤️


Really good, tastes great...That was delicious!! My compliments to the chef

Bhagya V

It was great♥️ thank you so much. The cupcakes were so so moist but personally I think the frosting could have user a little more sweetness🙈♥️ but otherwise it was DELICIOUS ♥️


The cupcakes were very good and flavorful. I would’ve loved it if it was a little more moist but other than that it was perfect.